Sunday, May 23, 2010

Crazy Rainstorm this Morning

Awoke to the sound of pounding rain this morning around 7:30am. Wanted to sleep in, but this time it was the rain and not Hana's incessant growl-whining that put an end to that fantasy. Hana's circadian rhythms are finely tuned into the weekends, so as soon as the day breaks on every freaking Saturday morning, she goes nuts and demands to be taken out for a walk. I think one of these days we'll need the help of the great one, i.e., Cesar Millan, aka "The Dog Whisperer."

Anyhoo, the weather forecast as of last night was that there would be "a very slight chance of rain, not more than a tenth of an inch, if any." Well, the deluge this morning certainly blew that prognostication out of the water. At 9:30am the temperature dropped to about 45F and it started hailing ice pellets. What the hey is going on with our weather? Very odd for Southern California when you have to crank up the heater and break out the extra blankies in late May.

Hail on the deck.

More hail on the deck.


  1. Honestly, what the hell was that??? I got to run around in the rain trying to collect the children's toys. At this point, we should be able to leave things outside for the next six months and not worry about any form of moisture. I'm blaming it on global warming. Not sure how, but it's what I'm going with.

  2. We got the storminess but none of the moisture. (Some more water would have been nice!) Aside from the long daylight hours it just doesn't feel like summer is about to begin. Weird.

  3. Just think you've got a little extra moisture in the soil and maybe a few more wildflowers will pop up!

    On Sunday morning we had horrific rain and 3 inches fell in 1 hour thanks to the recording from our Weather Station in the garden. But we're in the UK so we expect moisture throughout the year but that sure is weird for your part of the world.

  4. This must be the only time it's warmer here than SoCal. I can let you borrow my snow shovel if it snows again.

    Christine in Alaska

  5. It is weird weather this spring, although I rather like it. Every time I think I'm going to have to water the rains again! It's even raining this morning. Although I must say...hail in May, is a bit bizarre!

  6. Hi All! Just goes to show how unpredictable mother nature can be.

    Turling, James & Curbstone, I'm sure none of us really minds the extra H20 here in California (less watering to do in the garden). But I sure would like the thermometer to kick up a bit.

    Christine, if things don't improve, I might take up your offer on the shovel.

    And, Rosie, I can't believe you got THAT much rain in such a short amount of time. Puts our meagre storm to shame.

  7. 1.: thanks for your comment - I answered it at my blog (am always unsure wether that is the 'right' way).
    2.: the weather in Germany on Whitsunday was here in the northern part as weird as in your blog! Tornados (!) in Brandenburg - not far away from Hamburg; and we had a City-deluge, broken trees on the streets, awful. A green painted winter we have, cold and wet. In the southern part of Germany, where we visited our son in Freiburg: 24°, sunshine and beautiful roses in early full bloom! (But he is studying Law, so doesn't have much time to appreciate the sunshine). Britta

  8. Hi Britta! I answer comments on my postings the same way as you do, because I'm really not sure if there's a right way or better way. There are certainly some strange meteorological happenings around the world, aren't there? Btw, I gave you the rundown on my Jane Austen faves back on your blog. Nice to have a fellow Austenite posting who's also a gardening afficionado!