Tuesday, June 1, 2010

RIP, Roger Higson, and may you bird into eternity...

It took me awhile to post this memorium, but I was in denial for awhile that I would nevermore be able to indulge in one of Roger's non-apologetic posts about birding, SWMBO (with affection), the terriers, life in Blythe, and his menagerie of hapless students, whom he undoubtedly really cared for. I posted the following in Roger's blog http://blythebirdsandsilliness.blogspot.com/ and repeat it here, since I don't know how long it will be up:

Roger was one of those rare gems or bains, depending on your POV, posting on Inland County Birds that kept me following and yearning for more with his blunt, take no prisoners, down-to-earth approach to birding & other aspects of mundane life, all of which kept me laughing and grimacing (in a good way) over the past couple years. Then, in January 24, 2009, Roger made that defiant leap from Inland County Birds to launching his very own blog for reasons all very well known to members of that group. He said back then, "I am doing this as I am now master of my own destiny." 

With those famous first words, Roger (unbeknownst to him) gave me a metaphorical kick in the butt, like he probably had done to many of his fortunate (and I really mean that) students, and I was actually inspired to start blogging meself. 

 Roger, I really, really regret that I never met you or had the courage to actually post a comment to you - sad result of my childhood fear of curmudgeony teachers. But, I hope you will go on some kick ass birding expeditions into the good night. In the meantime, I'll probably miss you more than just a tad...


  1. I never knew Roger's blog; but my host here in Edinburgh is a keen birdwatcher, too. Although here in the town are not that many birds, I'm afraid - mainly saw pigeons and seagulls. Britta

  2. Hi Britta,
    Roger was a character, to say the least, and known throughout our local birding community. Birding seems like such a mild-mannered activity, but with Roger, it often resulted in some sparks & drama with fellow birders.

    Anyways, I love birding, but am by no means an expert. If there were only pigeons and seagulls around, I'd still enjoy watching them!


  3. Some vile jerk otherwise known as "Anonymous" posted a nasty comment here this morning about Roger. Had to delete it as it was completely beyond the pale for a comment about someone who has passed away.

    Roger was no angel and I didn't always agree with him, but a lot of us followed his blog for the very reason that he was so off the wall, opinionated, and fallible. That made him real and human.

    So, dude, whoever you are (and it takes a Class 'A' coward to post such drivel anonymously), stop trolling around with your disgusting comments and shove those aspersions back where they belong.

    Peace out, and hope you can jackhammer that ginormous chip off your shoulder one day.