Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hey! My first blog posting & the end of global warming...

6/8/09 Gil and Hana in "Sweetie Mode"

Hey, wow - this is pretty cool. My first ever blog posting...

Well, the first thing that pops into my head as I stare out the window is that the ugly spectre of global warming has suddenly (or maybe not so suddenly) gone incognito. From May grays to June gloom, it's been one, unending, unrelenting series of drab, coldish, London Fog days here in generally sunny Murrieta. Not complaining, but I think it's time for me and Hana to write a SERIOUS letter to our esteemed Nobel Laureate-Former VP-Wanna be P-Incovenient Truth touting, Le Grande Dame Monsieur Gore, demanding an explanation. And, of course Hana may actually want to thank him for the error of his ways because her dense, bunny soft winter fur coat, which had been shed and rolling around like tumbleweed in the house just a couple months ago, has now grown back with a vengeance!

On the gardening front, my natives are thriving floriferously in this unseasonably cool weather. The Baby Blue Eyes, CA poppies and Meadowfoam are past their prime, but the Clarkias, Western columbine, Seep Monkeyflowers (Mimulus guttatus) and Bush Monkeyflowers (Diplacus aurantiacus) are in full throttle. Here are some pix from my garden:

6/8/09 Clarkias & other natives in bloom

6/8/09 Phacelia viscida Sticky Phacelia

5/3/09 Lewisia cotyledon var. heckneri - 'Heckner's Strain' Lewisia
6/8/09 Clarkia rubicunda blasdalei - Ruby Chalice Clarkia

6/8/09 Clarkia rubicunda - 'Shamini' Clarkia


  1. Hello Arleen,

    This is Vivian Cheng from TAS. I wonder if you still remember me? I just wanted to say hello and that I love your pictures! My husband recently joined face book and asked me if there was someone I would be interested in finding and your name came up!

  2. Hey Vivian - I so remember you! How are you? I did send you an email reply several weeks ago. Hope you got it and look forward to hearing back from you soon!