Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Lizard

Hi, this is Gilbo, I am Arleen's other half.
I have just come from removing a plastered lizard from the garage floor. Our doggie, otherwise known as Hana-Banana, left the remains of a large, 5 to 6 inch lizard, not including its tail, in the garage. She must have stepped on it with her paw, and the lizard must have stuck to her paw, because there was a "double print" of "lizard juices" on the floor. I had to scrape off the remains with a shovel and then come back with a wet rag to remove the remaining pieces of plastered lizard skin. Ugh!!!
Oh, and I kept the tail. It has colorful bands. Taped it to the fence a reminder to all lizards!...this is what happens to you when you invade Hana's domain. Today a lizard, tomorrow you rascally rabbit...

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