Thursday, August 27, 2009

A PLETHORA of Hanny Toys

Only a Pet Parent would understand. We treat our pets like we gave birth to them...

A 'Plethora' has been variously described by some lexicons as: "an embarrassment of riches," "an excessive amount or number," "an overabundance: not problematic, but more than required," "in humoral medicine, the condition of too much blood, resulting in an imbalance of the humors... usually treated with phlebotomy."

Ok, I will concede that the last definition is neither here nor there in the context of this post. Particularly the reference to 'phlebotomy', which I believe involves the ancient medical practice of bloodletting, totally not my (nor Hana's) cup of tea.

HOWEVER, I am embarrassed to admit that Hana (aka "Hanny") does have too many toys. Whose fault is that? Her mom and dad's, but primarily her mom's.

I confess that I am afflicted with an addictive need to purchase poochie toys wherever I can find them, and especially the ones that produce the most obnoxious noises, because I think Hana/Hanny needs them. How's that for anthropomorphizing?

But, just look at how contented she seems here, shredding Turkey while surrounded by her entourage of resigned groupies!

Hana's toys are:
Turkey (her favorite)
Ball Ball

To see more of Hana, go to her website at

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