Sunday, January 10, 2010

Catering to the Birds

Gilbert thinks I'm an automaton-robot slave to the birds because the first thing I do, every day, without fail, is to feed the birds before I will even consider feeding him. And even mo' betta, Hana is next in line in that food chain. So that leaves Gil at the bottom of the proverbial ladder.

But, the daily scattering of bird seed really does pay off, drawing in a multitude of avian diners and even the occasional leporid party crasher.

A resident covey of about 15-20 California Quail invariably appears twice a day around the bird feeder to partake of the bounty, accompanied by a hodgepodge of House Finches, Juncos, Scrub Jays, Thrashers, Towhees (both California & Spotted), and White-Crowned Sparrows. Then there are the gazillion Lesser Goldfinches that flock to the finch sock filled with niger seed hanging off a shepherd's hook near the Sycamore tree.

1/10/10 California Quail, in line for the goodies

1/10/10 California Thrasher (lower right), hangin' with the Quail...

1/10/10 Girl Quail on the left, Boy Quail on the right

You can run, but you can't hide (from the camera) - bwahaahaaaaaaaaa!!!!

1/10/10 Lesser Goldfinches, en masse...

A lazy day today, so not much new or interesting to report. And as you can see, Hana also had a very busy day, lounging on the rug with her compadres and moseying slo mo through the garden:

1/10/10 Hana with Bunny & Piglet

1/10/10 Hana on patrol, keeping Mom & Dad safe from the lizards & bunnies

So, wrapping up another very SoCal, 'can't complain' kinda weekend, here are some parting shots:

1/10/10 San Bernardino Mountains, still snow-capped, despite our recent balmy weather

1/10/10 Western Redbud (Cercis occidentalis) in foreground, leafless but budded for bloom (unless we never snap out of this mild warm snap)

1/10/10 Spanish Lavender (Lavandula stoechas) on right, Cedros Island Verbena 'De La Mina' (Verbena lilacina) on the left. Potted plants include Pansies, Violas, Zonal Geraniums and Scarlet Sage (Salvia coccinea).

1/10/10 Pansies

1/10/10 Pansies and Violas

1/10/10 Pansies, Violas, and Lobelias

1/10/10 Beautiful sunset, with an ethereal "rainbow" cloud to the left

1/10/10 "Rainbow" cloud's encore


  1. Well- alas! Poor Gilbert! I think he should take advantage of the fact you are fattening up them quails AND making them easy target. So- although he may get fed last- he will- at last reap the benefits of those fat little quails. He needs to break out the ammo (if I come over- no buckshot please!!


  2. You know, EE, you're not far off the mark. I notice Gilbert drooling and with that slightly glazed over look in his eyes every time he sees the quail.