Thursday, January 21, 2010

Storm #4...and this one's a doozy

I believe today's torrential downpour is storm number 4 in this back-to-back series. Mother nature seems to have saved the baddest for the last.

1/21/10 View from rear deck of the house. Normally bone dry seasonal creek coming alive from the rain.

Based on the forecast last night, Gilbert and I decided to stay home today rather than risk driving 2+ hours each way to and from work in treacherous conditions. Rain and wind have been unrelenting and fierce since about 10:00am this morning, and we got pelted twice (3:00pm and 4:30pm) with some major hail. So far, there's been no let up in the inclement weather.

1/21/10 Photos of creeks forming off Calle Centro in La Cresta, taken by Gil just after 3:00pm on his way to a store run to Ralph's supermarket

The vernal pools on the SRP reserve must be brimming and swimming right now. Will be over at the visitor center for a photo class this Saturday so will check out the water levels at that time. Regardless, this recent deluge is surely the prelude to a super sweet wildflower season!

1/21/10 Hail raining down on the driveway

1/21/10 Closeup of Hail (pea-sized, so they melted pretty quickly)

1/21/10 Hana is a glutton for punishment. Maybe SHE likes "Eau de Wet Dog", but moi? Not so much...

1/21/10 Herb garden is flooded (again!). Where are the rubber duckies?

1/21/10 A beautiful (albeit brief) break in the rain at 2:40pm


  1. Oh my goodness. It was a good idea you stayed home from work. We are receiving the brunt of storm #3 right now. Very impressive and we got away with just a few broken branches so far.

  2. Hi Noelle,
    I was watching the news and saw that Arizona got hit with the worst winter storm in 17 years, with heavy rains, high winds, and blizzard warnings. Yikes! We've had a couple days to dry out here, but I hear that more wet weather is in the forecast for next week. Stay safe!