Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hana's Boyfriend (alas, a Canine Casanova)

Hana generally does not get along with other dogs. Maybe it's an Akita thing, but she goes into hyperactive, hyperbolic offensive/defensive mode whenever another pooch is within her visual crosshairs. EXCEPT when it comes to HIM whom we have dubbed her BOYFRIEND.

"BOYFRIEND" belongs to one of our neighbors, about two houses down.

BOYFRIEND is a muttly sort of dog, but with a lot of cool, je ne sais quoi appeal, a veritable canine version of Errol Flynn or Clark Gable. Anyways, Hana is quite taken by this dapper fellow. Unfortunately though, BOYFRIEND is only remotely interested in Hana. He'll do the doggie greeting number with her for about 30 seconds (i.e., the let me pee on top of your pee, and then you pee on top of my pee, etc., etc.), lose interest, and then continue along his merry way. He seems to have no shortage of female fans in the neighborhood. Poor Hana!

2/13/10 Hana and BOYFRIEND, with matching curly tails. 

BOYFRIEND starting to lose interest. 

Hana, pining for BOYFRIEND. A bah humbug Valentine's...

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