Monday, February 15, 2010

Old Town Temecula

Went to Bev-Ray Camera Repair & Sales in Old Town Temecula today to get the sensor on my Canon Rebel Ti cleaned. It's hard to find a place that does camera repairs anymore, but this trek was sorely needed as my poor camera has seen a lot of use and abuse over the years.

The last time we were in Old Town was in September of 2008, so it's been awhile.

Old Town seems to be going through a significant transformation, from sleepy historic locale to a hub of new construction and redevelopment. Business is booming here despite the economic downturn. I don't know why we don't come here more often since we live so close by. Except for several photos from 2008, I took most these pictures after my camera had gone through its spa treatment this morning...

2/15/10 "The Edge" Restaurant and Lounge at 28544 Front Street (at Fifth Street), Old Town Temecula. Looks cool, but can't vouch for the food as we haven't eaten there yet. 

2/15/10 "The Edge" at Front Street and Fifth.

2/15/10 Palomar Inn Hotel at Front & Fifth Streets. A 10-room historic landmark hotel built in 1927. 

2/15/10 Palomar Inn Hotel.

9/3/08 Temecula Valley Historical Society Plaque #7 at Palomar Inn Hotel.

9/3/08 Rock Monument made from 150 tons of granite quarried from the Temecula area. Sam Hicks Park, Old Town Temecula. Sponsored by the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce and dedicated in 1969, the monument was carved with the names of 56 pioneers who "found their way to and through Temecula"

("Cowboy, historian, area pioneer Sam Hicks remembered 25 years after his death" 8/15/04 article in the North County Times

2/15/10 New $44 million (yikes!) Civic Center under construction in Old Town. A 3-story, 94,000 square foot revival style building at Mercedes & Main Streets.

2/15/10 Old Town Antique Faire on Front Street near Fourth St.

2/15/10 Rosa's Cantina at Front Street & Main. Our lunch spot staple in Old Town.

I truly believe that if redevelopment is done properly here, i.e., by preserving and respecting the quintessential character and historical integrity of its extant structures, then Old Town Temecula will one day be as great a draw as an Old Pasadena. That, along with our proximity to the Temecula Valley wineries, Mt. Palomar, and fantastic agricultural legacy with neighboring San Diego's North County (Fallbrook is home to the famed annual Avocado Festival), will one day put Southwest Riverside County on the map. 

9/3/08 Entry to Old Town Temecula, Front Street from Rancho California Rd.

A couple places in Old Town that I would recommend to any passerby are:

Temecula Olive Oil Company Cute little shop with a tasting bar. Yes - like a wine bar, except instead of vino, you get to down scrumptious mini shots of California olive oils, some with incredible infusions of herbs and/or citrus. Salud!

Delaney's Artisan Foods Market Newly opened about four months ago, Delaney's is all about sustainable agriculture and the "slow food" movement. They offer produce grown locally within 15 miles, and other artisan food products from within 100 miles. Great for those of us who can't always make it to those once-a-week, Saturday farmer's markets.

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  1. It is so wonderful to see a town thriving in these days. I love how they have taken much of the historic buildings and kept them instead of demolishing them all. Quaint and picturesque.